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Many businesses waste valuable time and money on non productive tasks, such as searching for misfiled records or worrying about the quality of their data security mechanisms. If only you could spend more time managing your business. Now you can, Advance Record Management will work with you to create a partnership that will meet your records management needs more effectively.

Until recently, you needed enterprise records and document management solutions costing tens of thousands of dollars to streamline your business processes and convert your office to a paperless environment.

Advance Record Management has by passed all that with our new On Demand, Web-Based Document Management and Imaging Solution. Additionally we offer 100% secure offsite document storage, tape backup storage in climate controlled vaults, document scanning and imaging services. Our document storage facility offers state of the art security, surveillance and fire detection.

Our Green Data Center doesn´t just save energy, it is also powered by solar energy. We use energy efficient servers and power management systems. Energy efficiency savings can add up. A watt saved in data centre power consumption saves at least a watt in cooling.