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Disaster Recovery & Online Backup

Our environmental data vault storage manages computer media, microfilm, microfiche, tape libraries and other valuable records as if they were our own. We provide the data record management and storage solutions, including strict maintenance of temperature, relative humidity, fire ratings and suppression systems. Our facilities provide the optimum conditions for ensuring the long term protection of your media assets. Significant investment and technology has been incorporated into the customised design and construction of the data storage vaults to protect your backup data, archived legacy data and other business information, as well as ensuring business continuity for our clients.

Vault Environment

The ARM media storage vaults use state of the art climate control which ensures a constant storage environment is maintained. Our secure media vault is located inside the warehouse facilities and provides exceptional security and protection. The walls of the vault have been constructed using steel framing and lined internally and externally with fire rated gyprock. The ceiling is also constructed of fire rated gyprock. The vault has a fire rating of two hours.

Entry can only be made through the fire rated door to the vault which is controlled by an access control system to prevent unauthorised access. It is also fitted with tamper proof locks and hinges.

The flooring of the vault is coated to reduce dust and the tape media and racking is raised above the floor to ensure data protection in the unlikely event of flood.

Additionally ARM uses Sticky Mats which comprise of 30 layers of adhesive coated film that effectively removes dirt, grease and grime from shoes. They have a specially treated, pressure-sensitive adhesion on one side of the upper sheet, which removes the contamination on shoe soles and walking heels.

Online Backup

In today's data driven organisations, information has become the lifeblood of many businesses and is an increasingly valuable and costly organisational asset. Data protection is a complex process with multiple steps and despite the best efforts of IT teams, a failure at any step can result in critical data loss and very costly downtime.

This increasing complexity, growth of corporate data, shortage of skilled resources, new regulatory requirements and more advanced technological threats all create greater anxiety about the risk of data loss and the resulting outcomes.

With DataGuardian you can reliably back up your data, automatically move it to a secure remote facility, archive your data to meet regulatory and internal policies, and restore your data rapidly and completely anytime, anywhere.

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