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Secure storage, fast retrieval, lower cost

Never before has an organisation been so reliant on ensuring its documents and data are securely stored, archived and retrievable. Tax, legal, privacy and financial requirements all demand that an organisation is able to rapidly access files and ensure their security from prying eyes. To make matters worse, the cost of storing and administering those records is steadily climbing. Many organisations simply don't have the physical space or personnel to handle the task. Advance Record Management document and record management solutions provide the simple, secure and cost-effective answer.

The Advance Record Management primary storage facility is a purpose built record management centre. It is secure, fire-protected and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Documents enter the storage facility in secure containers, which are electronically tagged and catalogued for future retrieval and delivery. It is the only record management facility outside Melbourne with approval from the Victorian Office of Public Records to store and manage documents.

For any organisation, the knowledge that their records are stored and managed in a secure environment and can be retrieved at any time provides peace of mind against present and future needs. Best of all, the Advance Record Management service has proven time and time again to be a more cost-effective way of storing and retrieving records.

Features of the service include:
  • highly secure storage; burglary and natural disaster protection
  • easy access 24/7 - from instant retrieval and transmission to pre-arranged, regular pick-up and delivery
  • comprehensive cataloguing in our data base
  • services tailored to suit the needs of your business
  • no interruption to the smooth management of records during times of staff turnover, or other internal changes
  • a solution to records management geared to helping you improve the bottom line

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Consider Storing:
  • Paper Records
  • Magnetic Tape
  • Microfiché
  • Personal Collections
  • Computer Equipment
  • Electronic Data
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